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Navigating the Uncharted Waters: Dissecting Google’s Unconfirmed Updates of Q3 2017

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During the third quarter of 2017, Google rolled out a couple of unconfirmed updates that stirred the SEO community. Unlike the confirmed updates, where Google provides insights into what has changed and what sites could do to improve their rankings, unconfirmed updates come without any official acknowledgment or explanation. This leaves SEO professionals and website owners guessing about what changed and how to adapt to the new landscape.

Unconfirmed SERP Update: A Closer Look

This update, although unconfirmed by Google, was noticed by many in the SEO community. There were reports of fluctuations in rankings and organic traffic. By analyzing the changes, it seems like Google might have tweaked some aspects of its core algorithm affecting the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) landscape. This includes possible changes to how Google understands and ranks content relevance and quality.

Unpacking the Unconfirmed Update

Following the Unconfirmed SERP Update, another unconfirmed update was noted. Similar to the previous update, this one also caused ripples across the SEO community with noticeable ranking shifts. The exact nature of this update remains a mystery, yet the impact suggests a refinement in how Google processes backlinks and other off-page factors.

Comparative Analysis: Unconfirmed vs Confirmed Updates

 The unconfirmed updates of Q3 2017 provide a stark contrast to confirmed updates where Google provides clear guidelines. The lack of information challenges SEO professionals to deduce the algorithm changes and adapt strategies accordingly. This section will delve into the differences and the challenges posed by unconfirmed updates.

Tactical Evolution: SEO Strategies Post-Unconfirmed Updates

With each update, confirmed or not, the SEO landscape shifts. Post these unconfirmed updates, it’s crucial to stay nimble and ready to adapt to the potential changes in the algorithm. This might include a renewed focus on producing high-quality content, diversifying backlink profiles, or optimizing for emerging ranking factors.


The unconfirmed updates of Q3 2017 highlight the ever-evolving nature of Google’s algorithm and the SEO landscape. While these updates come with a layer of uncertainty, they also offer an opportunity for SEO professionals to refine their strategies and stay ahead in the game. The lack of clarity surrounding these updates emphasizes the importance of adhering to SEO best practices and maintaining a holistic and adaptable SEO strategy, to weather any storm that comes with the ever-changing algorithm updates.

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