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Riding The Wave of Google’s Q4 2019 Algorithm Updates: A Deep Dive into BERT, Local Search, and Core December Shuffles

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Introduction to Q4 2019 Updates

The final quarter of 2019 witnessed significant tweaks in Google’s algorithm, painting a new picture for SEO enthusiasts and webmasters. The updates, namely BERT, Local Search, and December 2019 Core Update brought about nuanced changes, each targeting different aspects of search.

BERT Update: Understanding Context

The BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers) update is Google’s strive towards understanding the context and nuances in user queries better. It focuses on interpreting prepositions and relationships between words more accurately, thus demanding content to be more natural and user-focused.

Local Search Update: Proximity Matters

The Local Search Update emphasized the importance of geographical proximity in delivering relevant search results. This update is a reminder for businesses to optimize their local SEO strategies, ensuring their online profiles are complete and consistent across various platforms.

December 2019 Core Update: A Broader Spectrum

The Core Update in December was a broader change, affecting various factors. While the specifics are not entirely disclosed, it’s believed to be a tweak in how Google interprets quality and relevance. The core message remains to create valuable, high-quality content.

The Shift in SEO Tactics

These updates collectively signal a shift towards more natural, user-centric SEO strategies. Keyword stuffing and artificial link building are falling out of favor while creating valuable, well-structured content and fostering genuine local engagements are the new norms.

Impact and The Road Ahead

The Q4 updates have set a clear direction toward understanding user intent and delivering more personalized, relevant results. The SEO landscape is evolving into a more sophisticated, user-focused field, requiring adaptability and a keen understanding of these algorithmic nuances.


The changes brought about by these updates emphasize the necessity for SEO practitioners to adapt to the evolving landscape. As we venture into 2020, staying updated with the algorithm changes and aligning SEO strategies with Google’s emphasis on user-centric, high-quality content will be pivotal for online success. Through understanding and adapting to these updates, businesses, and SEO professionals can better navigate the dynamic search landscape and achieve sustained visibility in Google SERPs.

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