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NXlogy Bulk Email Verifier

Boost Your Email Campaigns with NXlogy: The Ultimate Bulk Email Verifier for 100% Accuracy!

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MX Record

Domain Mail Server MX Record Check

IP Existence

Domain Check Over IP Existence

Filtering System

MX Server Filtering System For Automatically Skipping Previous Rejected Servers

Import & Export

Import & Export Bulk Email Address from CSV


Automated Background Email Scanning Process


Valid email, Invalid email, Duplicate email, Unknown email, Catch-all email and Syntax Errors Addresses

Disposable Email Detection

Identify and block these temporary email addresses from entering your database

Syntax Validation

Reduce the number of undeliverable emails due to typos or other common mistakes

SMTP Provider Information

Send emails quickly and securely with the help of a reliable SMTP server


Unlock precision and savings with nxlogy bulk email verifier – where accurate email validation meets unbeatable pricing!

NXlogy Bulk Email Verifier: The Ultimate Solution for Email Validation

In today's digital age, maintaining a clean and efficient email list is crucial for the success of any marketing campaign. NXlogy, a leading digital agency based in Noida, proudly presents the NXlogy Bulk Email Verifier—an advanced tool designed to ensure the authenticity and deliverability of your email addresses. This powerful solution is packed with a host of features that make email verification not only accurate but also seamless and efficient.

The NXlogy Bulk Email Verifier offers a comprehensive Domain Mail Server MX Record Check, ensuring that the domain's mail server is correctly configured and operational. It goes a step further by performing a Domain Check Over IP Existence, verifying the actual existence of the domain over the internet. One of its standout features is the MX Server Filtering System, which intelligently skips previously rejected servers, optimizing the verification process and saving valuable time.

Understanding the need for flexibility, our tool allows you to import and export bulk email addresses from CSV files, making it easier to manage large lists. The Super Bulk Email Addresses Verification feature utilizes an Automated Background Email Scanning Process, enabling the verification of thousands of email addresses effortlessly. Post-verification, users can access Beautiful Categorized Chart Reports detailing valid, invalid, duplicate, unknown, catch-all emails, and syntax errors. These insightful reports help in making informed decisions about your email list. Furthermore, the tool’s Dashboard provides all-time email scan statistics, ensuring you always have a clear view of your email verification activities.

With NXlogy Bulk Email Verifier, say goodbye to bounced emails and hello to enhanced deliverability and engagement. Trust NXlogy to provide you with the tools you need to stay ahead in your email marketing game.

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