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It seems like you’re outlining the features and requirements for a WordPress website development project using popular page builders like Elementor and WPBakery. Here’s a breakdown of the features and pages you’ve listed:


  • Up to 10 Page (Unlimited): The website can have a maximum of 10 pages but can be expanded as needed.
  • WordPress: The website will be built using the WordPress content management system.
  • Elementor: Elementor will be used as the primary page builder for creating and designing web pages.
  • WPBakery: WPBakery, also known as Visual Composer, is another page builder that can be used to create and edit pages.
  • Fully Responsive: The website will be responsive, ensuring it looks and functions well on various devices and screen sizes.
  • PHP 8: The website will be developed using PHP 8, the latest version of PHP at the time of development.
  • Header Builder: A custom header builder will be implemented to create and design the website’s header.
  • Footer Builder: A custom footer builder will be implemented to create and design the website’s footer.
  • SEO Friendly: The website will be optimized for search engines, making it more likely to rank well in search results.
  • Google Maps: Google Maps integration for location and mapping services.
  • Inquiry Now Form: An inquiry or contact form will be added to the website to facilitate user inquiries.


Home Page: The main landing page of the website, likely featuring an introduction, key information, and call-to-action elements.

  • About Page: A page providing information about the company or organization behind the website.
  • Services Page: A page detailing the services or products offered.
  • Blog and News: A section or page for publishing blog posts and news articles.
  • Contact Us: A page with contact information and possibly a contact form.
  • 404 Page: A custom 404 error page to handle page not found situations.

It appears that you’ve mentioned some pages twice (e.g., “About Us,” “Blog and News,” “Contact Us”). You can choose whether these are separate pages or sections within other pages. Additionally, the “Inquiry Now Form” can be integrated into the “Contact Us” page to streamline user inquiries.

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